“Written in the spirit of Dr. Seuss” 


I was a bad dad today.

I didn’t plan on it.  It just happened.


I woke up with the best of intentions,

But ended up with a day of frustrations.


I didn’t inspire,

I didn’t encourage,

I didn’t do much,


Not a bounce on a tramp,

A pass of a ball,

Or even a soft touch.


Perhaps it was just that time o’ the month for dear old dad,

A time when men sometimes get funky and mad.


I have no time, only deadlines, commitments, and stress.

Who has time to be THAT fun dad today?  I tried to confess…


The way I walk,

The way I talk,

The way I move,

There was no mistaking my mood.

I wanted to change, but still I stewed.


No cardboard spaceships were created,

Just shouts and commands is all I dictated.

“Get your shoes on!” 

“Where’s your lunch?”

“Whose water bottle is this?”


“Finish your broccoli!” 

“How many times have I told you?”  

Was all I could hiss…


“We are not trying to sabotage your day!” their eyes plead,

But I’m quite sure you are, and I question my reasons to breed.













Yes, the law of attraction attracted nothing but crap today.

Daddy had a big ol’ poopie diaper that I sat in all day.


If the kids had felt brave,

they could have offered to change my dirty diaper,

But they knew the Hulk was ready to rip his clothes,

so best not to be too hyper.


Daddy was in fine form all day long, until I got stung right after supper.

It was a Garth Brooks song on the radio that brought life into focus now.

If tomorrow never comes, will my children know how much I love them?

With a lump in my throat, I needed to salvage the day.   But how???


You take my hand as we trudge upstairs to bed, and then my heart melts…

After my poor behaviour, choices, and things done and said,

You still want to hold the beast’s hand?

I’m shocked and amazed and just shake my head.


In that moment, with your hand in mine, I understand and see the light.

These precious days pass too fast, I will not spend them as an ogre – what a fright!


For if I plan like a pilot, I may be off course from time to time,

But my destination remains the same – and well worth the climb.


I do want to be THAT guy, the super dad, like the one you see at the mall!

Today didn’t shape up that way, but tomorrow is another day to stand tall.


Tonight I must reflect and sleep.

For with without sleep,

the ogre will grumble again and creep.


But tomorrow the clock will reset, the day is unwritten.

I will lean into it, and make better choices,

and be that man, so clearly smitten.


The man that is big and awesome in my children’s eyes.

The man that fears nothing, a hero, in his denim disguise. 


For being a dad is a marathon race, not a 100 meter dash.

Endurance and determination are the keys to win, with no diaper rash.


I will forgive myself and be gentle,

For we have not a fragile bond,

But a strong house built on love and good times,

A safe harbour, to go above and beyond.


Life is where you put your attention so I will not feed the ogre,

Roots and wings I shall foster for this chance I am glad,

For tomorrow is another day, another day to be a great dad.