All forms of counselling (including couples, individual, and parenting) offer an individual the opportunity to grow in a manner that will shine through in all aspects of life. However, one type of counselling offers what many consider to be the most tangible, delivering a literal ROI (so to speak) – professional development counselling. 

This discipline goes a step further than traditional career counselling, diving deeper into the human psyche to remove obstacles and allow an individual to realize their fullest potential. Professional development can lead to career advancement and may even spark a fire within to launch a successful new business. The possibilities are endless.

What is Professional Development Counselling?

Are you in a job you love?   Are you passionate about what you do?   Or are you stuck in a rut, trading hours for dollars, in a job that doesn’t stimulate or matter to you?

Professional Development counselling can help you zero in on what fulfills, motivates, and stimulates you.  How can your current job be better?   What changes need to happen to find fulfillment?  Do you need a change?  How scary is that to consider a leap of faith into your true passion?

Here is a potentially life changing question: if I could guarantee you success, what would you be doing 2 years from now?   If, while guaranteeing you success, you could not fail, you would have all the education/experience/network connections needed, what would you really be doing?

So often, people may be able to name their dream job, but then put limitations on themselves using the word “How?” as in “How could I do that?” or “How would I even begin doing that?, etc.  The “How?” question often leads to no movement or forward progress, only limits.   What if we changed “How?” to “What’s needed?”  For example, if I wanted to become a motivational speaker, then I can nail my foot to the ground with a million “How?” questions and never move forward.  However, when I change “How?” to “What’s needed?”, magic happens.   “Well, I would need to network with other motivational speakers, invite a few to lunch, develop my own content and message, go to Toastmasters to improve my speaking, etc. etc. – you start to move in that exciting direction.

For some people, finding the right job is not the issue, rather finding a new ceiling of happiness within that job.    Perhaps it’s finding the voice and confidence to negotiate a better wage or even just finding the courage to speak up during staff meetings to share your brilliant ideas.   Using tools like Strength finders, we can identify what makes you tick and what you are already good at!

Together we can explore what is stopping you from finding that dream job or happiness in the job you are in right now.   We can examine your core beliefs about yourself.   Since self-esteem and confidence are related, we can explore how your core beliefs were/are formed and how they impact on your confidence.  Shame can be the result of unprocessed core beliefs.  My crush, Brené Brown, says that shame drives two big tapes: “Never good enough” and “Who do you think you are?“

Let’s get intentional!  Let’s direct our focus on your professional life.   By considering new perspectives, and by challenging old assumptions and beliefs about yourself, you can truly find your life’s purpose and get unstuck!

Benefits of Professional Development Counselling

  • Setting direction and goals.
  • Determining strengths, interests and values.
  • Understanding and getting support for areas of improvement to improve chances.
  • Identifying exciting and attractive options and choices.
  • Learning key skills through role playing tough interview questions and resume preparedness.
  • Enhancing your personal brand.

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