They say that a family that prays together, stays together. While that may be true, the same can certainly be said for parents that take the initiative to seek counseling. There is nothing more self-destructive to a household than when issues are buried below the surface for the sake of keeping the peace. This is only a short term solution to a problem that will rear its head again in the future, and even for generations to come! The buck stops here, today.

Parenting Counselling for the Sake of the Whole Family

Parenting can be extremely rewarding as well as challenging and can be a good test to any relationship.   John and Julie Gottman found that 2 out of 3 couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction up to three years after having a baby.  So what did that other 1/3 of couples do to report positive results?  They shared in the transition together.  Together, we can address and enhance your sense of friendship, practice healthier conflict management, and tackle the varying needs of a young family as a team.    

As kids grow, so do the challenges.  Differing parenting philosophies are common.  How can you maintain a sense of TEAM?  Children can be confused by the mixed messages their parenting might be sending unintentionally.   Blended families introduce a whole new layer of joys and challenges, as loving a stepchild is a choice.  In a safe environment, we can explore the highs and lows of parenting as well as how it impacts your primary relationship.

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