Considering counselling? Don’t look at it as a cry for help or admission of something wrong. Instead, consider it to be an opportunity to receive support to move past challenges, grow, and realize your fullest potential. Individual counseling can help you manage all sorts of roadblocks to life, including anger, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or other personal issues that may impede upon your educational, professional, and relationship aspirations. In fact, our individual services can be used to supplement or prepare you for couples or family counselling.

What is Individual Counselling?

Individual Counselling is a great opportunity to simply work on you.   Areas of focus may include professional (work) focus, anxiety, family of origin exploration, blended family challenges, or how you show up in the primary key relationships in your life.  Sometimes individuals are in an unhappy relationship and want to explore the negative perspective, resentment, and frustration.   Working individually while in a relationship may help you bring a better version of yourself.   Perhaps you are in between relationships and want to process lessons and patterns from your previous relationships, to better prepare you for future ones. 

Benefits of Individual Counselling for Personal Relationships

Often I work with one or both individuals in a couples relationship.  Sometimes there may be issues and topics that a person is not comfortable sharing in front of their partner.  Without having to worry about your partner’s reactions may free you to delve deeper into deeper issues. Differing parenting philosophies and blended family challenges can sometimes be also explored deeper in an individual setting.

Benefits of Individual Counselling for Professional Relationships

Individual counselling for professional relationships can help you be more effective at work and with the people you work with.   Perhaps you have yet to find a job you are passionate about? Perhaps you can seldom speak up or share your ideas in staff meeting settings?  Perhaps you are wondering if “this is it” for your career path?   Let’s take some to explore why you do things the way you do, and what improvements may help you love work more, feel more fulfilled, and feel respected by your boss and coworkers. 

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