I help companions, partners, and spouses communicate, reconnect, and resolve their issues in a comforting and nonjudgmental environment. Whether you’re single, married, common-law, or simply in a committed relationship and want to achieve more connection, joy, and perhaps get past whatever is holding you back from finding true happiness.  I’m here to help change happen.

Marriage Counselling

Can you truly communicate well with your partner?  Do you keep having the same arguments and conflicts over and over again?   I help couples strengthen their bond by providing tools and strategies to increase communication, repair after conflict, create an equal partnership, and help get individual needs met.   All couples will encounter conflict, but combat is optional.   Myself, along with Gottman, define couples as Masters or Disasters.  I help my couples learn what the Masters do and also learn from what the Disasters do.

LGBTQ Couples Counselling

My counselling services are inclusive to partners from all walks of life. You’re entering a safe space when visiting my welcoming Kelowna area office. While you may (or may not) have faced unique challenges as a couple, my approach to connection may be highly effective. View more about my process here.

Separation and Divorce Counselling

Surprised to find “separation and divorce” listed here on this couples counselling resource page? The goal of couples counselling is not necessarily about finding a way to make sure you stay together. In some cases, we may discover that your collective happiness lies in being apart. It may take time (separation) to find your proverbial selves before you can come back together and form a stronger bond. Or, it may be time to part ways, yet amicably – especially if there are children involve and coparenting to do. The answer you’re looking for isn’t here on this page, but it will be found when you commit to finding the solution by booking an appointment for couples counselling.

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