Great dads are monkeys…

Yes, it’s true – Dads are silly buffoons that can make kids laugh like Monkeys at the zoo… but this Dad/Monkey phenomenon goes much deeper than that.   I want to share a theory with you and how it relates to you – the involved dad.

The “100th Monkey” is a theory about social change that essentially involves monkeys, sweet potatoes, and a massive cultural shift.  Here is the skinny… A group of monkeys were studied on an island in Japan in the 1950s.  These funky monkeys loved eating sweet potatoes they had dug out of the dirt.  One of the monkeys (a female – gotta give credit) decided she didn’t like the dirt on the sweet potatoes and brought them to the nearby stream to wash the dirt off.   She taught this trick to her family clan, then other playmates watched and learned, and then went and taught their ‘people’.

This cultural innovation was picked up by other monkeys until, as the theory suggests, the 100th monkey DID IT, then it just became what EVERY monkey did – the monkey TIPPING point – “This idea rocks and this is now how we will do it!”  Here is the whole article…

Well super Dads, this is OUR theory too – Involved Dads are like sweet washed potatoes. 

The definition of a great father has also changed; 50 years ago, to receive a trophy for World’s GREATEST DAD, you were a provider; your children had food in the bellies, shoes on their feet, and a roof overhead.   Now many believe that is the BARE MINIMUM!

Being an involved dad is now the NORM in our society.  Somewhere over the last 10-15 years, the ‘100th monkey’ tipping point was reached.  YOU MUST be involved – to not be involved is now the RARITY – the exception to the rule.   Dad is a VERB!

Quoting the prophet Montell Jordan, “This is how WE do it!” — Like a once rare bird that has somehow thrived and multiplied, involved dads everywhere are embracing this exciting role and are engaged in all aspects of their children’s lives – from school life to coaching sports teams and even down to bathing and diapers.

And let me be clear, there have ALWAYS been incredible dads around, perhaps even within your own family, but this 100th monkey idea revolves around society as a whole – a shift in the CULTURAL status quo.

This INVOLVED DAD MOVEMENT has never been as strong as it is right now…  JUMP ON BOARD!   If you are already on board, then move over and make room for other dads jumping on!   We are looking for the 10 000 000 000th monkey now!!!

When people talk about you and your role within your family, are you called an ‘incredible dad’?  If so, why?  What do they see, hear, or sense about you?  If not, why not?

Until next time, stop monkeying around… How can you become even more involved?