The Mental Health Foundation reports that men are far less likely than women to seek mental and emotional support from a professional counsellor. The same studies find that they (you?) are also less likely to disclose a mental health concern to friends and family. For these reasons males are far more likely to bottle-up feelings and erupt (or shut down) at a moment’s notice. Sound familiar? As a result your personal, romantic, familial, and/or professional relationships will suffer. It’s time to seek the support that you deserve.

While I’m a professional counsellor, I’m also just one of the guys. We may not see eye to eye on our favorite NHL, NFL, or NBA teams but you’d better believe that we will work together to break down emotional barriers that have been holding you back in life. 

How Counselling Will Change Your Life

By becoming more comfortable leaning into feelings and emotions, primary relationships in your life can transform.   

By being more relational and speaking up for your own needs, your happiness and satisfaction will improve.

By simply being brave enough to engage in a conversation about your own life with a non-judgmental person who only wants to help, your tomorrow can be better.

A Safe Space to Talk

My hope and priority are to create a safe place to share and talk.   As our therapeutic alliance deepens (as you realize I am a safe vault), together we can explore deeper issues where real transformational changes can occur.

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