Happy Spring Break everyone! 

I have 3 pretty cool announcements in the Dad Vibe realm.

1 –  I am so excited that one of my recent articles was picked up by one of the biggest Dad networks in the US.. the National Fatherhood Initiative – check it out!



2 – The 7th Annual Father Daughter Dance is coming up on May 5 right here in Kelowna –all the details are right here www.kelownafatherdaughter.com.  Last year we had 151 dads dancing the night away and being heroes to their daughters… This amazing and super cool event will sell out for sure, so click to reserve your spot and your family memory!


3 – Last week, I had my first Dad Vibe TRIBE Talk – the debut of my fun Dad talks. 

Thanks to all those who signed up and were a part of the teleseminar – it was scary new technology for me but excellent to all be connected and on the same call.  I learned a ton from this call and promise more fun educational talks in the months ahead — please suggest topics you are interested in! 

My talk was with Hogan Hilling, www.hoganhilling.com, the Dad Guru, from California.  Hogan is author of 4 parenting books, an Oprah guest, and is working on his new book, “Dad Behaving Dadly”!   Hogan is a 6 foot 6 gentle giant of a man, full of experience and great stories, including when he “broke the law” at a newspaper stand and was caught by his young son!

It was so refreshing and inspiring to talk to another man that loves being a dad as much as we all do and he also loves helping other dads…

Hogan and I met in Houston at the Dad 2.0 Summit earlier this month.  The Dads 2.0  Summit was a gathering of all the cutting edge writers, bloggers, and speakers on the great topic of fatherhood. 

For the interview, I actually spoke with Hogan while he was at the beach ‘living the dream’… Aside from a super awkward moment just after I first introduced him, I think the interview went very well… We spoke candidly about the death of Mr. Mom, stereotypes of dumb dads, and the real need for dads to try and connect with the BEST RESOURCE available… “OTHER DADS”

Some listeners found him a little too ‘honest’ about evolution of dads, but I think he calls it the way he sees it as he has been around the involved dad movement for 25+ years.  You can decide what you think…


Hogan’s insights and tips will benefit both dads and moms about the state of dads today!

I hope you find our first Tribe talk funny, honest, and helpful and will tune in again! 

Big thanks to Sarah Esch and Hugh Culver from Marathon Communications for all the help and support!  

Dads and moms, please enjoy Spring Break and make awesome memories with your family!!


Until next time…

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